150 ml


Soft formula
Daily use.
Suitable for pregnant women.


Recommended in situations that require a frequent number of washes: menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, abundant flow, vulvar pruritus, before and after having sex, menopause, urinary incontinence, hemorrhoids, gynecological treatments, anal fistulas and fissures, etc. .

Suitable for intimate child hygiene.

Formulated with a very gentle cleansing base, derived from olive oil, and three plant extracts with soothing and decongestive properties, which also stand out for their restorative activity (Calendula), anti-irritant (Orchid) and protective (Camomile). In turn, Betaine acts as a moisturizer, anti-irritant and protector. The pH of its formula maintains the balance of the genital mucosa.


With plant extracts that calm irritation.
Syndet foam that gently cleanses the intimate area and protects the genital epithelium.

How to use

Apply in the intimate area, previously moistened with water, and rinse later.