300 ml


Gynecological treatments ..


It exerts a mild cleansing action respecting the balance of the vulvo-genital mucosa. Provides freshness, security and well-being throughout the day.

Contains Chamomile, active protective and decongestant, and Aloe vera, moisturizing and softening, natural ingredients that care for and protect the vulvar epithelium. Indicated for daily intimate hygiene and situations that require a frequent number of washes: menstruation, abundant vaginal discharge, postpartum, itching, coadjuvant in gynecological treatments, urinary incontinence, before and after sexual intercourse. Suitable in case of hemorrhoids and fissures. Does not contain antiseptics. Respect the vaginal flora. acid pH


Special for daily intimate hygiene ..
Suitable for pregnant women.

How to use

Use on the intimate area previously moistened with water. Rinse abundantly.

Active ingredients

Aloe vera gel