Customized dosing system

The elderly and the sick who follow different treatments are the main beneficiaries of a pioneering project in the Spanish State promoted by the Official Col·legi de Farmacèutics de Barcelona. Its objective is to collaborate in the improvement of patients' therapeutic compliance, which at the moment is around 50% in certain pathologies.

Castells de Calella Pharmacy, is part of the Customized Dosing System (SPD) offering its clients the possibility of accessing the medication they require daily, disposed in specially designed containers to avoid confusion and facilitate treatment compliance as much as possible.

customized system of dosages
customized dispensing system medical dispenser

Medical Dispenser

At Farmacia Castells we offer the service of Personalized dosing systems for patients.

The main objective of the Personalized Dosing System (SPD) is to contribute to improving the adherence to pharmacological treatment and, therefore, the results in patients' health:

  • Preparation of the safest, fastest and most efficient medication
  • Accompanied by a circular blister with daily medication
  • Thanks to the mobile application we will send reminders so you do not forget to take the medication

We prepare your medication

calella dosage system

It is a post-dispensation activity related to the personalized adaptation of a treatment to non-adherent or non-adherent people, in order to optimize the treatment outcome.

In the preparation of the Personalized Dosing System (SPD) a compartmentalized blister is used on days of the week and by shots in which the pharmacist prepares the medication to the patient who needs it to improve compliance.

The medication is disposed in specially designed containers to avoid confusion and facilitate compliance with the treatment.

It is indicated to patients in which the pharmacist has detected, or the same patient communicates, problems in the process of using the medicines for their personal characteristics, considering it convenient to offer and control the dosage through an SPD.

  • Improves adherence to treatment.
  • Improves the organization of medication.
  • Avoid confusion in the handling and storage of medicines.
  • The stock of medicines stored in your home is reduced.
  • It provides greater control of the treatment.
  • It provides comfort and safety, therefore peace of mind that you will take your medication correctly.