Facial Dermocosmetic IDONEA

Discover the level of hydration, elasticity, pigmentation and fat of your skin, and the most appropriate routine with our specialists in dermopharmacy.

Still have not tried the service of analysis dermocosmético IDONEA of Farmacia Castells? We invite you to enjoy an experience that will allow you to keep skin healthy and in an enviable state.

IDONEA is an innovative and revolutionary concept of dermocosmetic, exclusive of pharmacies, developed by a team of formulaic pharmacists, cosmetologists and engineers that allows to know the skin before recommending which are the most effective dermopharmacy products for it, in addition to elaborate in situ products fully customized and one hundred percent formulated only for the characteristics and specific needs of each person.

dermocosmetic analysis and advice
analysis and advice dermocosmetico calella

Do you have what your skin looks like?

At Farmacia Castells we offer you the IDDEA Facial Dermocosmetic service so that you know how your skin is and how to take care of it.

Now you can discover and learn how to take care of it much better in 3 easy steps.

Each skin is different, do you know how yours is?

  • Free diagnosis
  • Prescription
  • Custom treatment

How can we help?

calella dermocosmetic advice

Dermocosmetics is a discipline that lies between cosmetics and dermatology. That is, dermocosmetic products are not considered drugs, but their benefits for the skin go beyond the action of cosmetics.

Therefore, dermocosmetic products are indicated in situations in which it is necessary to maintain the natural pH of the skin, to achieve a moisturizing, soothing and decongestant effect.

Also, dermocosmetic products are generally suitable for nourishing all skin types, providing intensive regeneration even in dermis with special needs, very dehydrated or damaged.

It is the first step for your analysis and dermocosmetic advice.

We perform a precise and complete free diagnosis of your face where we quantify the 9 parameters that influence the appearance of your skin such as hydration, fats, pores, wrinkles, redness, melanic spots, tonality, sensitivity and sun damage.

It is the second step for your analysis and dermocosmetic advice.

We make your personalized report to know how your skin is and with specific dermo-tips to improve your appearance.

It is the third step for your analysis and dermocosmetic advice.

We indicate you the best product for the treatment for your skin or we elaborate in 5 minutes your own personalized cosmetic.