Dietitian Calella

At Farmacia Castells we are committed to a balanced and personalized diet, helping people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our naturopath, specialized in anatomy, biochemistry and nutrition, will elaborate a personalized alimentation plan that will allow you to achieve your goals in a healthy and balanced way.

Advice on nutrition and dietetics includes all aspects that have to do with healthy lifestyle habits. In addition, the diet is particular for each person and adapts to their sex, age, weight and health.

A diet is not just to lose weight, you may need a diet to gain weight, improve your athletic performance or a health problem or illness related to food.

Nutrition education is basic to transmit healthy habits that enable people to improve their lifestyle.

Personalized diets Calella

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Personalized diets

Diets are not generic.

Our naturopath develops a personalized and balanced diet for each individual that adapts to their sex, weight and health.

The diet will provide you with enough nutrients and energy for the day to day and will help you to have good physical and mental health.

We obtained the results through the use of different therapies.
After carrying out a personalized study and once the problem is diagnosed, we propose a specific treatment.

The objective of naturopathy is to stimulate the innate healing capacity of the organism and facilitate its balance mechanisms to achieve a good state of health.

In Nutritherapy, the substances that the body itself manufactures and which are therefore not "foreign" are used, among others, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, coenzymes, ... etc. Balancing all these substances in the body is what Nutritherapy does; that is, it balances the biochemistry of the organism.